Since 1998 New Works has operated as a vibrant dance management organization.

We provide stable, affordable management services to some of Vancouver’s most innovative dance artists and companies while also managing special projects. New Works has also played a role in building the next generation of arts administrators by providing on-site management experience, supervision and mentorship

New Works currently manages:

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre is devoted to creating exciting and integral contemporary dance works. Determined to be innovative yet accessible, they push beyond traditional aesthetics and forms with unreserved ingenuity. Through research and experimentation, OIS celebrates the importance of challenging the preconceptions of what can be expected, experienced and expounded in contemporary dance.

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Tara Cheyenne Performance

Artistic Director, Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg creates and performs kinetic theatrical expressions of the ever strange and wonderful human experience. Through exquisitely realized characters, crafted choreography, a healthy dose of comedy, and lashings of tragedy, Friedenberg works to reveal and connect.

TCP’s vision is to create works that speak to people on the levels of common human experience, our own comic-tragic behavior, and our lives in movement. The design of gesture, text, movement, and sound to draw lines between meanings is what Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg continuously strives to achieve in her work. This choreographic craft, derived from character and psychological landscapes, is the foundation for discovery, expression, and communication?

Tara Cheyenne Performance acknowledges the support of City of Vancouver, BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Hamber Foundation and the Vancouver Foundation.

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the response.

Founded in 2008 by Amber Funk Barton, the response. (AKA The Response Dance Society) is a project-based contemporary dance company dedicated to challenging how contemporary dance is made, shown and perceived. It is a home that allows its founder and artistic director to create new work that balances artistic resonance and physical spectacle.

the response. focuses on the articulation of contemporary technique with the athleticism, dynamics and energy of urban dance and culture. Inspired by the ability of the human body, its physical potential and its emotional make-up, the company goes beyond the focus of form to create cinematic experiences using the body to create pictures, images and shapes to evoke reaction. It is a company distinguishable by the vulnerability and sensitivity portrayed in its works. the response. aims to tell stories; it presents ordinary, recognizable characters and emotions in imaginary landscapes. The company desires not only to ignite people’s imaginations but also to induce an emotional connection to what they experience.

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Justine A. Chambers

Justine A. Chambers’ interests lie in collaborative creation and re-imagining dance performance. Drawn to the movement of all bodies, and focusing on the dances that are already there – the social choreographies present in the everyday – she has been creating performance projects throughout Canada since 2000. Her recent  works include: Family Dinner, Back It Up, Enters and Exits, COPY, On Any Given Day, and Caesura.

Her choreographic projects have been presented at Circuit-Est, Vancouver Art Gallery, The Western Front, Dancing on the Edge Festival, Dance in Vancouver, Dance Saskatchewan, New Dance Horizons, and The Music Gallery. Recent collaborations include projects with Claudia Fancello, Su-Feh Lee, Marilou Lemmens & Richard Ibghy, Jen Weih, Brendan Fernandes and Josh Hite.

Chambers is a founding member of projet bk and associate artist to The Dance Centre (2015-2017). Chambers works actively as a performer and rehearsal director. She leads classes in contemporary dance technique and improvisation throughout Canada.

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