Dance Series

New Works’ mission is to be an innovative platform that supports artists, cultivates audiences, and provides diverse and accessible performance experiences for varied communities in and around Vancouver.

New Works is a leader in the milieu, as one of the few Canadian presenters that has a specific mandate to present and support culturally diverse artists and communities. New Works celebrates “all sorts of dance for all sorts of people” through a variety of activities. We present professional dance that is intriguing, unpredictable, and captivating through our trademark series, Dance Allsorts, All Over the Map, Pop Up Dances, New Works at Night, and through our Share Dance Outreach Initiative.

Our signature dance series include:

Dance Allsorts

Dance Allsorts is our signature performance and workshop series, and has been introducing “all sorts of dance to all sorts of people” for 20 years. Performances and workshops take place on Sunday afternoons, include after-show Q&A with the artists, and a free workshop following the presentation. Participants have the opportunity to enjoy the performance, connect with the artists, and explore the movements and cultural history of that dance genre. Dance Allsorts provides an accessible and welcoming environment for the everyone to experience dance.

This series focuses on audience capacity building, cultural education, and supporting professional development opportunities for under-represented performing artists.

All Over the Map

All Over the Map is New Works’ annual outdoor summer series of free world dance and music performances, presented in partnership with CMHC and the Granville Island Cultural Society. This series features a diverse program intended to act as a mirror of the various traditions and cultures that represent the communities living in the City of Vancouver. Performances are held over three Sundays in August, with two performances each day at 1 & 3pm. Presented by New Works and Granville Island.

New Works at Night

New Works at Night is an expansion of our Dance Allsorts program, and offers mixed programs of longer and full-lengths works at the Orpheum Annex through support from the Pacific Theatre Grants Program. These evening shows begin with New Works’ SeasonLaunch, and then occur 2 – 3 times throughout each season. They are opportunities to present pieces that explore deeper themes and dance experiences that are important creative works to support and disseminate. 

Pop Up Dances

Pop Up Dances is a series presented in partnership with the CMHC and the Granville Island Cultural Society. New Works commissions artists to create short pieces for site-specific settings around Granville Island. We work closely with businesses and artisans on Granville Island to make unique spaces available for artists to be inspired to place their pieces within. Audiences get the chance to see dance in a non-traditional setting, in un-expected places, and with a fresh perspective.

Share Dance Outreach Initiative

Share Dance Outreach Initiative brings professional dance artists into inner city elementary schools in East Vancouver for in-school workshops during the school day, as well as out-of-school workshops during after-school programs. New Works runs these workshops at no cost to the schools or after-school care programs, which typically have little or no budget for artistic programming.

Dance is a powerful medium for helping children to grow physically, socially, and cognitively. The physical benefits of dance are obvious, but the emotional and social benefits need to be recognized also, as an integral part of why dance experiences are so valuable for young children. New Works feels that dance builds community and empowers marginalized children and youth, and this is why we feel that it is part of our mandate to also bring dance into inner city elementary schools, and enable children to take part in this medium regardless of their socio-economic status.