New Works collaborates with some of the most talented dancers, choreographers and musicians in Vancouver to present dance that is inspiring, unpredictable and captivating.

Our vision of dance is expansive. Dance is more than just jazz hands and tutus: it is fundamentally about our bodies in time and space, across histories and cultures. It is about both our fragility and potential as human beings.

In performance, we observe dancers’ movement in space and in relation to one another. Through this, we locate ourselves in the world and better understand how we relate to each other.

We present dance to entertain and inspire all audiences - from the young to the old, the dancer and the non-dancer, every culture and every walk of life.

Our presentations include...

Dance Allsorts

New Works presents Dance Allsorts, Vancouver’s most eclectic and inspiring performance and workshop series. Entering its 17th season, Dance Allsorts introduces all sorts of dance to all sorts of people. 


Performances at 2pm, followed by a Q

Pop Up Dances

Surprising dances in surprising places.Expect the unexpected as some of Vancouver’s favourite dancers pop up in unusual spaces to showcase the energy and spontaneous excitement of all types of dance.Pop Up Dances are about the celebration of dance,

All Over The Map

Free outdoor dance series on Granville Island
All Over the Map returns to Granville Island this summer for its 12th year! Join us at Ron Basford Park, August 9, 16 and 23, 2015 and explore dance and cultural traditions from Canada and around the