All Over the Map – Canada Day Preview

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All Over the Map – Canada Day Preview

Alex Wells and Native Thunder Productions at the Canada day Parade on Granville Island. Photo: Marc Fournier


Friday, July 1st, 2016
12:00 – 5:00 pm on Granville Island

Alex Wells and Native Thunder Production
12:00-12:45 at the Picnic Pavilion

Canada Day Parade
1:30 – 2:00 pm throughout Granville Island

Mariachi Las Estrellas de Vancouver and Caudillos del Sur Mexican Dance Ensemble
4:00-4:30 at the Picnic Pavilion

Join us as we celebrate the diversity of Vancouver and Canada on Granville Island, July 1st 2016, with a preview of our summer series All Over the Map. Presented by New Works and CMHC Granville Island.

The program will feature Alex Wells, three-time world champion hoop dancer from the Lil’Wat Nation, alongside the dancers and musicians of Native Thunder Productions, back by popular demand! We are also thrilled to present some of Mexico’s best-known dance and music traditions performed by the all-female Mariachi group Las Estrellas de Vancouver, sharing the stage with Caudillos Del Sur Ballet (Mexican Dance Ensemble).

Alex Wells and Native Thunder Productions
Alex Wells and Nelson Leon, founders of Native Thunder Productions, grew up in strong traditional families who instilled their cultural teachings in them at a very young age. Alex and Nelson have carried these teachings with them into adulthood, and they keep their cultural values and traditions as a foundation in every aspect of their lives. It was during the 2010 Winter Olympics these two artists got together, and from there they became the perfect team. Alex and Nelson have a passion for creating true awareness about Native Culture and sharing it through song and dance.

Alex Wells is a three-time World Champion Hoop Dancer and an outstanding teacher of traditional values. He gives the performance of a lifetime displaying the art of the hoop dance using up to twenty-two hoops. Alex combines storytelling and the art of the drum and dance in an unforgettable performance; he has performed across North America and as far away as Taiwan, New Zealand and Europe.

Nelson Leon (Se’wó:sèltel) is a natural born leader from Sts’ailes. Nelson has proven to have the powerful gift of speaking; he knows how to engage his audience and keep them captivated from beginning to end. With his drum and his amazing voice, Nelson provides live music for the dancers and also takes the time to explain the details of each different dance style. One of the strongest teachings that Nelson relies on is that First Nation people believe the drum is the heartbeat of their people, and it is a medicine for all to use. When it comes to the drum, Nelson knows and understands how to use its healing power to help others, and he shows great pride when sharing his gift of song and drum.


Las Estrellas de Vancouver
Founded in 2014, Las Estrellas is Vancouver’s all-female Mariachi band. Made up of a very talented group of women from diverse backgrounds(jazz, classical, world music) and only being around for such a short time, they have already developed a following and have been hired for a variety of occasions as well as producing the sold out event Viva el Mariachi Femenil! They take their inspiration from the strong presence of women in Mariachi from groups in Southern California such as Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles and Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea. They are also inspired by the big performance groups like Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan and Mariachi Vargas and strive for a very high level of performance.


Caudillos Card 2

Caudillos del Sur Mexican Dance Ensemble
Founded in 2013, Caudillos del Sur Mexican Dance Ensemble are a committed group of artists working to liaise understanding and appreciation of Mexican Culture, and the creation of a free and inclusive art space, where emerging artists can develop their talents and bettering our community trough the art of dance.