Dancers of Damelahamid Spirit and Tradition November 23-30, 2020
September 21, 2020
Alexis Fletcher Two Solos May 2021
September 21, 2020

All Bodies Dance, Summer 2021

All Bodies Dance | Summer 2021 | Venue and Format TBD

Over the fall of 2020, All Bodies Dance Project will engage with the creative constraints imposed by COVID-19 restrictions and embark on a search for new practices to make dances together/apart. Due to the virus, ABDP will seek out ways to be together that are safe, in particular for dancers who are immunocompromised. The company will repurpose outdoor spaces into sites for unexpected dance-making as they continue to adapt and generate new practices that honour both individual autonomy and subjective experiences, and collective generosity in our shared contexts.

While All Bodies Dance Project’s work is based on an appreciation for difference and emphasizes difference as a creative strength, this new endeavour aims to untangle the previously unexamined meanings of unison, sameness and simultaneity. Working in a cast of both wheelchair dancers and “standing dancers,” the ensemble will explore movement that takes place exclusively from a seated vantage point. The research will call into question the value of specificity within a community of diverse movers and will harness the creative potential of lag time and asynchronicity.

Photo by Erik Zennstrom