FakeKnot, August 23, 2020

FakeKnot performed a work in progress of “whip” at New Work’s and CMHC Granville Island’s Summer Dance and Music Event on August 23, 2020 at Ron Basford Park in Vancouver.

work in progress of ‘whip’ 

Artistic Direction/Choreographer/Dancer: Ralph Escamillan

Dancer: Daria Mikhaylyuk 

Sound Design: Stefan Nazarevich

New Media/Light Design: Chimerik Collective 

‘whip’ is a 60 minute duet performed entirely in leather hoods, leaving performers blind for the duration of the work. Inspired by the virtuosic head-whip motion found in a multitude of dance forms, the leather hoods also reference the consent-based culture of the BDSM community. Bodies explore giving and receiving through a range of physical touch, with the support of interactive new media light and originally composed sound design.


Excerpts from the performance