Farnaz Ohadi Cuadro, August 23, 2020

Farnaz Ohadi Cuadro performed Persian Flamenco at New Work’s and CMHC Granville Island’s Summer Dance and Music Event on August 23, 2020 at Ron Basford Park in Vancouver.

CFMA 2017 nominee Farnaz Ohadi, one of Vancouver’s favorite Flamenco singers, unites Peter Mole on Spanish Guitar, and Matteo Sampaolo, with Latin percussion to create a unique and intimate flamenco group: Farnaz Ohadi Cuadro.

Presenting selected songs from Farnaz’s debut album “Bird Dance”, a collection of original Persian-Flamenco songs, along with traditional Flamenco songs, they draw the audience into the intricacies of Flamenco music, with Farnaz’s unique fusion style, and the nuances of traditional Flamenco rhythm.

Peter Mole: Guitar
Matteo Sampaolo: Percussion
Sydney Cochrane: Flamenco dance
Farnaz Ohadi: Singer/Song writer/Artist Director


Watch the full performance!