2023 Cohort Program

We are happy to announce the following artists have been selected to participate in our 2023 New Works Cohort Program: 

  • Alexis Fletcher
  • Carol Mendes | AMOK
  • Alexandra Clancy | Soleful Dance Collective
  • Carla Alcántara
  • Kami Reed Schuyler
  • Kaili Che
  • Kiera Shaw
  • Luciana Freire D’Anunciacao
  • Melissa Sorge | The Body Project
  • Punit Singh
  • Subscura | hushhush

The New Works Cohort Program is a 5-month long program offering both mentorship and coaching around the business of creating dance. Up to 10 participants will have the opportunity to create individual learning strategies with the support of the New Works team and network, alongside access to monthly workshops and peer learning sessions.

By learning from each other’s experiences, the participants will gain sustainable skills and knowledge over the course of the program.

Potential Outcomes:

*Be part of a supportive network of dance makers, learning together and sharing experiences.
*Shine a light towards where your career or company is going, and feel empowered with new skills so you can get there.
*Be guided by a professional mentor, whose counsel is tailored specifically to your situation.

Selection Criteria:

  • This program is open to dance artists. Projects can include interdisciplinary elements.
  • This program is open to individuals, collectives, non-profits, and charities with an organizational budget under $150K.
  • The artist or company must be based in the province of BC.
  • The participant must have clear and specific goals and objectives.
  • The participant must commit to be present at the majority of the shared learning sessions: a 2-hour workshop + a 2-hour peer learning session each month.
  • The participant must commit to work with the mentor 1-hour each month for the duration of the program.

Get to know Cohort Program mentors Jason Dubois and Michelle Kneale. In addition, the entire New Works team will support and share their expertise over the course of the program.

Check out the Cohort Program from past seasons (2021 and 2022).