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January 9, 2023
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May 18, 2023

All Over the Map 2023

New Works proudly presents All Over the Map 2023, a free series of outdoor dance and music performances taking place on Granville Island this summer!

In partnership with CMHC Granville Island, New Works presents an annual series of dance and music performances across outdoor spaces on Granville Island. This season we are proud to feature eight artists and groups, who will take over the Granville Island Picnic Pavilion on Sunday, July 16, and Sunday, August 13, 2023. Performances will take place at 1pm and 3pm, and audiences of all ages are welcome.

Sunday, July 16 at 1pm & 3pm

Picnic Pavilion, Granville Island (next to the bridge on Old Bridge Walk footpath)

Featuring work by ShoeStrings, Amok Project, Kaili Che and TEMPO Dance & Visual Art, and Wild Mint Arts.


Love Swing

Love Swing celebrates the connections we all have in relation to others and ourselves. Tap dancer Alexandra Clancy and double bassist Noah Gotfrit come together to co-compose original music and unique arrangements reflecting their partnership and experiences. Pianist Dean Thiessen and trombonist Brad Shigeta join them on stage as a reminder that no one is isolated in their relationship on this earth. Although there is not a concrete narrative, the use of music and dance to explore the varying relationship dynamics provides a feeling of witnessing story. The space left for improvisation in the work leaves room for organic conversations using movement and sound. Love Swing is a glimpse into the gifts we can receive when we choose to be brave and authentically connect with one another. // Photo by Dayna Syndrowski.

Amok Project


“nowHERE”  is a dance installation piece created by the Amok Project Artistic Director Carol Mendes in collaboration with Brazilian dance artist Ysadora Dias, with live music created and performed by Cuban artist Toto Berriel. This piece is an excerpt from a work previously created for a large cast of dancers to discuss isolation, individuality, and community. This iteration will focus on the relationship between one dancer and one musician. We will reflect on our shared experiences of being culturally estranged immigrants. Themes of belonging, expatriate feelings, cultural impostor syndrome, and acknowledgment of a newfound love for a chosen land inspired the work. Ultimately, this piece is about searching and finding a place of belonging. // Photo by Yvonne Chew

Kaili Che and TEMPO Dance & Visual Art


INTERWEAVE is a new contemporary dance duet performance between Carla Alcántara and Kaili Che. The work embraces childhood games through re-imagination, joy, and laughter; using play, family and empathy as core themes.

The artists were deeply inspired by each other’s life stories, experiences, values and families. Their movement vocabulary is a blend of isolations, lines, gestural unison, stillness, and partnering. They are excited to paint the space with bright and colorful clothing while interacting with the audience. // Photo by Rodrigo Picazo

Wild Mint Arts

iiyíkihkaohsit (dance with fervour) (Excerpts)

Wild Mint Arts will be sharing excerpts from their new powwow dance show currently in development. We bring the energy of highly competitive powwow dancing and the intimate storytelling aspect. Audience will be welcome to follow-along with certain dance styles.  Come witness Hoop Dance, Fancy Shawl, and the Dog Soldier style of powwow dance. // Photo by Albert Woo photographer.

Sunday, August 13 at 1pm & 3pm

Picnic Pavilion, Granville Island (next to the bridge on Old Bridge Walk footpath

Featuring the work of Edward Sembatya, Fiana Kawane, Jhoely Triana Flamenco, and Earthen Bodies.

Edward Sembatya


Mdundo is a Swahili term that translates loosely as “rhythms.” As a result, this performance combines bodily movements and rhythmic sequences from diverse East African Tribes; put together by Edward Sembatya and performed by Erich Neitz and Angelique Muhorakeye and Eavan Blue. // Photo by Yvonne Chew

Fiana Kawane

Nrityavandan: Ode to Dance (Excerpts)

Fiana will be performing lively excerpts from her full-length production, “Nrityavandan: Ode to Dance.” The work highlights traditional Kathak compositions such as thumri and tarana and is set to original music. “Nrityavandan” showcases the range, complexity, and contemporaneity of the form as well as Kathak’s intimate connection with Hindustani classical music.  //Photo by Devansh Jhaveri

Jhoely Triana Flamenco  

Arboles (Trees)

Featuring live flamenco dance, song, guitar and percussion amongst the trees, a work that metaphorically represents honoring our roots and gathering strength from the past to reach new heights.  Arboles will allow the community to share their lived experiences, and spread the seeds of empathy and compassion.  

Arboles is a work grounded in flamenco song forms and based on the call and response structure between dancer and musicians but also adds the element of the environment as the additional ‘member’ of the artistic team. The trees, animals, audience, sounds, and objects will change how we, the performers, feel and react to one another.

By bringing the work outdoors, into public spaces, the work invites the audience into the universal language of emotion, and shares, through flamenco, themes of strength, loss, perseverance, hope and joy. // Photo by Yolanda Triana

Earthen Bodies

The Lichenized Movement

The Lichenized Movement is Earthen Bodies’ first exploration into worlds on different scales and time feels inspired by the micro-macro cosmic existence of Lichen, our primordial symbiotic terrestrial kin. 

Together, we will co-constitutively create atmospheric noise environments, movement meditations, and explore the non-linear creative nature of Life.

The creative direction, choreography, sound direction and performance are emerging from a collaborative process with input from interdisciplinary artists Alyssa Amarshi, Thelonious Lee Dexter and Kevin Li 

Photos: L to R Top: Amok Project, KC Dance and TEMPO Dance & Visual Art, Wild Mint Art, ShoeStrings. L to R Bottom: Fiana Kawane, Earthen Bodies, Edward Sembbatya, Jhoely Triana.