Artist Support

New Works envisions community as a space where all artists have support to operate from a place of abundance, sustainability, and resilience.

Since 1998, New Works has offered stable, affordable, and responsive strategic management and administrative support to some of Vancouver’s most innovative dance artists. We are proud to collaborate with our partners, big or small, to offer support as best serves the artist or organization at each stage of its lifecycle. In the past this support has taken a range of forms from hands-on holistic organizational management, project and touring support, and production management, to assisting an organization in incorporating as a non-profit, building strategic and marketing plans, and developing transparent financial practices. Over the course of a season individual artists seek support with New Works through grant writing, design, and marketing clinics, alongside ongoing mentorship relationships and personal consultation and feedback. We strive to support through resource sharing, making space for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, and networking across local, national, and international communities.

Looking for support on your next project? Reach out and start a conversation with us.

New Works Help Desk

Our virtual door is always open, and we’re excited to connect and support your work. We are here to answer questions, chat about ideas and strategies, help find specialized resources and community connections, or just to talk about our mutual love of dance!

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If you would feel more comfortable meeting in-person, by phone, or through others means, connect with the team above and we’ll make a plan together. Or call the New Works office at 604-893-8807 to set up a conversation.

Current Management

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre

Out Innerspace

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre is devoted to creating exciting and integral contemporary dance works. Determined to be innovative yet accessible, they push beyond traditional aesthetics and forms with unreserved ingenuity. Through research and experimentation, OIS celebrates the importance of challenging the preconceptions of what can be expected, experienced and expounded in contemporary dance.

New Works has been supporting contemporary creators David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen + their training initiative, Modus Operandi, since 2012. In 2018, OIS brought on a second administrative staff member employed and supported by New Works, and shared administrative resources. New Works has helped OIS during the development and touring of Vessel, Me So You So Me, Major Motion Picture and current piece Bygones. In 2021, as New Works relocated its’ office to Arts Umbrella Q7 where OIS operates, there is even more opportunities for collaboration and creative partnership between the organizations.

Ne.Sans Opera & Dance

Established in 2017 by Artistic Director Idan Cohen in Vancouver, Canada Ne. Sans Opera & Dance is re-imagining and reconnecting Opera & Dance.

Directing opera through contemporary dance opens a whole new world of collaborative opportunities: an environment that involves working with singers, dancers, musicians, visual artists and designers.

By experimenting and constantly expanding our knowledge of multi-disciplinary art forms, we are forging what we see as a natural hybridization of the Arts. Our ambition is to create exciting, thought-provoking, artistically challenging art- and to strengthen and inspire our community.

New Works has been supporting Ne.Sans projects and tours since 2022.

Image: Ted Littlemore in Take This Waltz by Ne.Sans Opera & Dance. Photo by Chris Randle.

Past Management

  • African Friendship Society / Jacky Essombe
  • Justine A. Chambers
  • Tara Cheyenne Performance
  • The Response Dance Society
  • Company 605
  • Wen Wei Dance
  • Company Co.ERASGA
  • Stephanie Morin-Robert
  • James & Jamesy

Past Support

  • Olivia C. Davies – O.Dela Arts
  • Ne.Sans Opera and Dance
  • Marissa Wong/The Falling Company
  • P. Megan Andrews
  • Jennifer Summer Ashley
  • Holly Bright
  • Shay Kuebler – Radical System Art
  • Deanna Peters – Mutable Subject
  • Tin Gamboa
  • Jennifer McLeish-Lewis
  • Nyla Carpentier
  • Jacky Essombe
  • Immigrant Lessons
  • OURO Collective
  • Olivia Shaffer
  • Daisy Thompson
  • Luciana Freire D’Anunciacao
  • Foolish Operations / Julie Lebel
  • Chalk dance collective
  • Inverso Productions
  • Marissa Wong/ TWObigsteps Collective
  • Jamie Robinson
  • Erica Hiroko Isomura
  • Rachel Meyer
  • Veronique West
  • Anais West
  • Stefania Indelicato
  • Damarise Ste Marie
  • Katie Cassady
  • Eloi Homier
  • Helen Walkley
  • Alexis Fletcher
  • Antonio Somera
  • The Bitting School
  • Julianne Chapple
  • Project Soul
  • Salome Nieto
  • Sophia Wolfe
  • Isabelle Kirouac
  • Avery Smith
  • Erika Mitsuhashi
  • Eric Cheung
  • Kevin Li