Since 1998 New Works has operated as a vibrant dance management + performance organization. We provide stable, affordable management services to some of Vancouver’s most innovative dance artists.

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre

Out Innerspace

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre is devoted to creating exciting and integral contemporary dance works. Determined to be innovative yet accessible, they push beyond traditional aesthetics and forms with unreserved ingenuity. Through research and experimentation, OIS celebrates the importance of challenging the preconceptions of what can be expected, experienced and expounded in contemporary dance.

New Works has been supporting contemporary creators David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen + their training initiative, Modus Operandi, since 2012. In 2018, OIS brought on a second administrative staff member and New Works provided office space for them. New Works has helped OIS during the development and touring of Vessel, Me So You So Me, Major Motion Picture and current piece Bygones. In 2021, as New Works relocated its’ office to Arts Umbrella Q7 where OIS operates, there is even more opportunities for collaboration and creative partnership between the organizations.

African Friendship Society / Jacky Essombe

At African Friendship Society we believe that we all deserve to experience the real story of Africa and its people without prejudice or discrimination. We bring communities together through the celebration of joy, friendship and African arts and culture. We are especially committed to serving our black and African communities.

Africa is the birthplace of a rich cultural heritage. The African Friendship Society aims to showcase the rich cultural and artistic diversity among local African communities and promote unity around a shared cultural identity, while building a bridge and extending the hand of friendship to all other cultures to create a more culturally educated, accepting and inclusive Canadian and global community, in British Columbia and beyond.

Past clients include:

  • Justine A. Chambers
  • Tara Cheyenne Performance
  • The Response Dance Society
  • Company 605
  • Wen Wei Dance
  • Company Co.ERASGA
  • Stephanie Morin-Robert
  • James & Jamesy