New Works Cohort Program

New Works supports artists each year through a variety of services, which include grant writing, administration, graphic design, marketing and promotion, mentorship, consultations and more. These services are provided at sliding-scale and subsidized rates, with some aspects provided free.

The New Works Cohort Program is a 5-month long program offering both mentorship and coaching. Up to 10 participants get the opportunity to create individual learning strategies with the support of New Works Artist Support team and hired Arts Administration professionals. The Cohort members will have access to monthly workshops and peer learning sessions. Those admitted into the program by the selection committee will have met the below requirements. 


Program Requirements: 

  • This program is open to dance artists. Projects can include interdisciplinary elements.

  • This program is open to individuals, collective, non-profits, and charities with an organizational budget under $150K.

  • The artist or company must be based in BC.

  • The participant must have clear and specific goals and objectives.

  • The participant are available to attend the majority of the shared learning sessions each month of the program. 

  • The participant must commit to work with the mentor 1 hour each month during the duration of the program.


Program Outcomes: 

  • Be part of a supportive network of dance makers, learning together and sharing experiences.

  • Shine a light towards where your career or company is going, and feel empowered with new skills so you can get there.

  • Be guided by a professional mentor, whose counsel is tailored specifically to your situation.

Since 1998 New Works has operated as a vibrant dance management + performance organization. We provide stable, affordable management services to some of Vancouver’s most innovative dance artists. View the pages below for more information about how we supports dance artists.