Video On-Demand Share Dance Classes

Enjoy these free on-demand Share Dance classes for children & families!

Dances from Africa with Jacky Essombe & Live Drumming

*This workshop is designed for families with children of all ages, but everyone is welcome to enjoy it*

Come and celebrate life together in this 45min Dances from Africa workshop offered by Jacky Essombe, accompanied by percussionists, Yoro Noukoussi and Aly Traoré. Jacky’s classes blend the richness of dances from Africa, music and storytelling to create a fun and togetherness experience. In the spirit of Africa we all dance together, regardless of age or physical ability.

More Info on Jacky:

Intro to Tutting & Finger Tutting with Kevin Li

*This workshop is designed for Ages 10+, but everyone is welcome to enjoy it*

Kevin Li offers an introduction to tutting and finger tutting. This class for young beginners teaches foundational movements such as isolation and hinges, as well as concepts such as the grid and scales. Participants will be learning a scale from tutting and a scale from finger tutting, followed by a combo that combines the two together. This class mainly focuses on the upper body and can be done in small spaces.

Kevin’s influences and more free tutorials:

Icon aka Sleepy Tut

Moon Runners


Tutorials of tutting spells from The Magicians tv series

Intro to Contemporary Indigenous Dance with Olivia C. Davies

*This workshop was designed for elementary school ages, but everyone is welcome to enjoy it*

Anishinaabe / French-Canadian dance artist, Olivia C. Davies, offers an introduction to Contemporary Indigenous dance and story-telling movement. Teachings shared with Olivia from her mentors and teachers are offered as a way to explore dance through a Contemporary Indigenous lens. Included in this 35min video are an opening series of basic movement exercises designed to warm up the body and calm the nervous system; followed by a simple dance that recalls teachings of gathering in, letting go, and giving out; and ending with an exploration of movements inspired by animals who make up part of the Anishinaabe culture’s Seven Grandfather Teachings. Designed for dancing in a small space, this offering is meant to foster a connection to the land, the animals, and the cultural teachings that keep us living the good life! Mino-Bimaadiziwin!
More info on Olivia:

Intro to Hip Hop with Thaiyo Seo

*This workshop was designed for Ages 10+, but everyone is welcome to enjoy it*

World renowned Korean b-boy, Thaiyo Seo, offers an introduction to hip hop. This 25min class for young beginners focuses on learning famous old school hip hop steps with groove and rhythm. Thaiyo combines style, power, and foundation to create his dance, and passes it on to his students with great enthusiasm.
More info on Thaiyo:

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