New Works offers training workshops and clinics specifically tailored to the arts community, in partnership with a number of stakeholders in the milieu. These workshops, designed for individuals and for companies, address a wide variety of management matters. The sessions are given in small groups led by New Works Staff, and focus on planning, public funding, accounting, budgets, administrative organization, among other subjects. The objective is for participants to acquire the knowledge and practical tools that will enable them to carry out their activities in the most productive and efficient manner possible.

In 2019, we had spring and fall grant clinics, where 25+ artists and companies received one-on-one advice and assessment of their grants in progress. This year, we will be adding clinics based on demand in topics including budgeting, touring, taxes, and governance.

Feedback from artists included:

“Since I have attended the clinic, I have received two successful grants…You have been a huge help and resource, and I send gratitude for your knowledge and details. I would also like to note that providing these services to the dance community without a fee is refreshing, and shifting structures to support the arts,”

“As an emerging artist writing my first solo Research & Creation grant, I’m very new to the process, so the workshop clarified many things for me. In particular, I came away with a better understanding of the implicit things that jurors look for, which aren’t explicitly stated in the grant application criteria. I also appreciated Joanna’s concrete, but supportive notes. I’ve received notes on applications in the past that made me feel overwhelmed or discouraged, but I came away from this session with specific, achievable revisions in mind.”