New Works XR Program

New Works XR Program is a process-focused space for artists to explore, learn, and develop their voice within the world of creative technology. XR (extended reality) is an umbrella term encompassing augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality technologies. creative technology. The program provides support for dance makers and embodied practitioners in the early stages of creation involving technologies that fall under the umbrella of XR. 

The XR Program has become an annual opportunity for artists to apply for access to funding, space, gear, mentorship, and creative guidance as they develop. Each program centres on skill building and creative exploration without pressure on a final product or performance. The now annual XR program is guided by an artist in the community each year, providing mentorship, growth and skill building opportunities for each facilitator. 

The inaugural XR Pilot Program launched in 2021, and continues for it’s second season in 2022-23.

Interested in supporting, partnering with, championing, or collaborating with the XR Program? Reach out to XR Program Liaison and New Work staff member Katheryn Petersen at to share you ideas.