Silk Road Music

New Works interviewed Silk Road Music. The group shared details about their evolution, incorporating dance in their performances, and their March 25th, 2012 Dance Allsorts show.

What is the history behind Silk Road Music?

Project Soul

project SOUL

The second half of Dance Allsorts 2011-12 kicked off February 19th with project SOUL—hip-hop extraodinaires.

Here's what a few of them had to say about dance, their influences and their upcoming performance:

Dance Allsorts

Dance Allsorts artists, Dec 11, 2011

New Works chatted with all nine artists from the Dec 11, 2011 emotionally surged Dance Allsorts performance.



Martha Carter: mmHoP

NEW WORKS chatted with Martha Carter, artisitic director/choreographer/dancer extraordinaire with mmHoP. Here's what she had to say about dance in general, and her performance with Dance Allsorts on Sunday, November 13th.


Bageshree Vaze

Bagashree Vaze

As part of our collaboration with Vancouver Celebrates Diwali, New Works chatted with Bageshree Vaze about her dance background and her upcoming Dance Allsorts performance on October 16, 2011.

When/Where did you start dancing?

TomoeArts + Shakti Dance

TomoeArts + Shakti Dance

For the 14th season opener of Dance Allsorts, New Works chatted with Colleen Lanki of TomoeArts and Anusha Fernando of Shakti Dance. They shared their vision as artists as well as insight on their shared solo bill on September 18, 2011.