New Works Share Dance

New Works is here to SHARE DANCE with you! Get in touch with us to find out how the Share Dance Program can create unique workshops for your community.

About the Share Dance Program

New Works Share Dance (NWSD) pairs equity-owed dance artists with underserved communities to offer classes and workshops to underserved youth, children and families. Workshops are low-barrier, and tailored to meet the specific needs of the groups the dance artists work with. Communities are able to access dance programming that is designed with them in mind, explore self-expression through creative movement, and see their cultures and lived experiences represented among the teaching dance artists, who expand and develop their skills in adapting their teaching. 

Why is this program important to support/be part of this program?

NWSD provides opportunities for social and cultural recognition and reflection by utilizing dance as a means of communication that transcends language. As a result, the program is uniquely inclusive for newcomers, and people with learning, mental health, cognitive and physical challenges.

  • - Rainbow Refugee Participant
    "It was very nice to have this workshop today. I miss dancing every day and having such a passionate style that makes you feel alive. We dance to overcome struggles, and dance to connect and have a good time. The class was mesmerizing! So, thanks to New Works for making this possible”
    - Rainbow Refugee Participant
  • - participant from Watari Counselling
    “My kid learned how to express and acknowledge his emotions. He felt so relaxed after the workshop, we would like to have classes more often. They feel therapeutic and they relieve the domestic stress.”
    - participant from Watari Counselling
  • - participant from Watari Counselling
    “After the workshop we felt happy and very grateful, we love all the activities that stimulate the movements of the kids, my son had so much fun and learned that he can have fun dancing!”
    - participant from Watari Counselling

New Works Share Dance Community Partners

The Share Dance Program partners with organizations to bring free dance workshops into schools, after-school care programs, or organizations which typically have little or no budget for artistic programming. Most of our community partners support underserved youth and at risk people in metro Vancouver.

Since 2014 Share Dance expanded by including new partnerships with organizations in the Downtown Eastside that serve children and youth not served by traditional school systems due to housing instability, immigration issues, and other complex and systemic barriers.

New Works Share Dance Regional Expansion

In 2024 this program is looking to provide these learning opportunities to underserved communities outside of the Metro Vancouver area with the support of the National Arts Centre (NAC) with their program Arts Alive.

New Works Share Dance Facilitators

Our Share Dance program gives teaching opportunities to Dance artists from diverse styles and provides them with trauma-informed tools to better support underserved and at risk communities. Some of the classes we currently provide are: Contemporary Indigenous, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Latin Dances and more! Get in touch with us to find out how the Share Dance Program can create unique workshops for your community.

Learn more about our Share Dance classes and facilitators here!


Some of the Organizations New Works is currently providing classes are: 

Rainbow Refugee

Watari Counselling & Support Services Society

The KidSafe Project Society

RayCam Co-operative Centre

Among 6 more organizations that prefer to remain anonymous.


Are you interested in becoming a Share Dance Facilitator or Community Partner? 


If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to propose a workshop, please contact Marco Esccer, our Share Dance Coordinator at


Please consider supporting New Works’ Share Dance Program! Your contribution will help us reach more young people as well as support more local dance artists.

Make a Donation to the Share Dance Program!

Share Dance is generously supported by public funders and individual donations. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Metro Vancouver’s Regional Cultural Project Grants program, the City of Vancouver and the Province of BC, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Government of Canada and the National Arts Centre with their program Arts Alive. Without them this program would not be possible!