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30 years ago the New Performance Works Society (now known as New Works) was conceived in Barb Clausen’s kitchen with her friends: Fran Brafman, Leslie Fiddler, Janet Miller, Wendy Newman, Julie Poskitt, Katherine Scheidt, and Gina Sufrin - all accomplished performing arts leaders. The group wanted to create opportunities to share interesting music, dance, and theatre work with each other and Vancouver audiences.

From these humble beginnings, New Works has grown to be the heartbeat of a diverse dance community. New Works is a home for artists, audiences, volunteers, and cultural workers, with programs focused on helping each group grow and thrive within the dance milieu.

Please help us to raise $30,000 over the next 30 months – ensuring the future viability of New Works programs. This fall we are looking to add 30 new supporters to our community:

10 Friends to give $0.33 per day 
10 Arts Lovers to give $1 per day
10 Super Fans to give $2 per day

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New Works is committed to providing low and no cost opportunities to dance audiences and artists in efforts to support equity-owed artists, to be a hub for artistic excellence, and to build community through dance. This work is supported by public funders, private foundations, and individual donors like you.

Make a gift to New Works today and become a champion of dance access for all.

Reach out to our fundraising team to discuss making a unique gift, or other opportunities for direct support.
Jason Dubois, Executive Director
Marco Esccer, Fundraising and Communications Coordinator

New Works is a nonprofit and registered charity.

Top photo: Audience participation, photo by Tim Matheson. Middle photo L to R: All Over The Map with Kokoma, photo by Tim Matheson. All Over The Map with Little Fish Productions, photo by Yvonne Chew. All Over The Map with Mexican Dance Ensemble, photo by Yvonne Chew.