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Alexis Fletcher Two Solos May 2021

Photo Credit: Sylvain Senez

Alexis Fletcher | Two Solos | May 20th-22nd 2021 | The Dance Centre 


Choreographed and performed by former Ballet BC principal artist Alexis Fletcher, this full evening solo performance highlights her rigorous and virtuosic contemporary movement language, as well as her deeply personal insights into the human experience. Comprising this evening are two works, Altar’d and until, which both feature visual design by Sylvain Senez, as well as elements of spoken word. Evocative musical scores by Sigur Rós and Dustin O’Halloran set the tone for this contemplative evening of contemporary dance.

Altar’d is a solo piece inspired by the universal human truth that times of fear and difficulty, often in the form of an unexpected life event, can trigger a period of intense introspection, spiritual development, and personal growth.  This 17-minute piece is set to an evocative soundscape by the Icelandic group Sigur Ros, and includes a projected film created by Sylvain Senez.

In until, I contemplate another universal experience: that of memory and our capacity to reflect on our lives. In particular, I am interested in how memories are held inside our bodies and the ways that they can manifest in physical expression.



About Alexis:

 A dance artist, creator, and producer, I have danced with Ballet BC for 14 years. After spending a year as guest artist and rehearsal assistant, I am now Artist in Residence for the 2020/2021 season. My creations have been supported by Dancing on the Edge, InFrinGing Festival, New Works, Vernon Performing Arts Centre, The Gordon Smith Foundation, and Canada Council for the Arts. In 2019 I was a BC Artist in Residence at Chutzpah! Festival and at Dance Victoria in both 2019 and 2020. I am co-artistic director of The Dance Deck, a site-specific, multidisciplinary performance series in Vancouver, along with my husband, Sylvain Senez.

With support from:

Ballet BC, Dance Victoria, and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.


Choreography and Performance: Alexis Fletcher

Set and Visual Design: Sylvain Senez 

Music: Sigur Rós

Text: St. John of the Cross 

Narration: Christopher Robin

Costume Design: Alexis Fletcher


Choreography and Performance: Alexis Fletcher

Set and Visual Design: Sylvain Senez 

Music: Dustin O’Halloran

Soundscape: Sylvain Senez

Text and Voiceover: Alexis Fletcher

Costume Design: Kate Burrows

Lighting Design: Theo Bell