Various Works By FakeKnot

Feature image. Still image from Whip (premiering Fall 2021)

Image Description: Two figures dressed in white are spotlighted on a black stage. They are leaned all the way back so they are “walking” on both their hands and feet with their bodies arched. The featured image above is a still from a video taken of ‘whip’, which is premiering this fall (2021) in Montreal. The videos shared in the Past Echoes in the Present exhibition showcase not only ‘whip’ but also a multitude of works by FakeKnot: HINKYPUNK (2018), BLUSCRN: BLUrm (2019) (images from each of these are also featured below).

Video description: Various works: HINKYPUNK (2018), whip (Premiering Fall 2021), BLUSCRN: BLUrm (2019). Video Transcript PDF


FakeKnot creates inclusive performance works that strive to understand the complexities of identity and culture through costume, sound, technology and the body. Artistic director Ralph Escamillan gathers his breath of experience as a dancer in street, commercial and contemporary dance to create a truly unique choreographic perspective, while also questioning his identity as a queer person of color.

Artist Statement

My name is Ralph Escamillan – dancer, choreographer and community leader – Canadian born, Queer, Filipino/a/x diasporic creator based in Vancouver, BC. The work I create questions my fascination with identity, traditions, clothing and the influence of pop culture in a globalising society. My experience has lent me the opportunity to see the discrepancy of privilege in society, and hope to shift this narrative through my work. I believe the body is powerful and important in communicating these ideas, and we should support the body’s autonomy/agency, political values, and ancestral legacy. My goals now are to create more spaces to foster artists like myself, to speak about stories that can connect to people like myself, so that I am not speaking by myself anymore.

CMHC Granville Island Exhibition (May 24th – 31st)

Exhibition Access, Site Maps, and Audio Tours

Visit our accessibility page for information on how to access CMHC Granville Island and our on-site exhibition. Video tours are available in spoke English with English captions and subtitle files in: Tagalog, Hindi, Simplified Chinese, and Punjabi. Audio tours are available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Tagalog.

Various Works by FakeKnot Credits:

HINKYPUNK is a 50 minute dance work based on the notion of how identity is conflated with iconography and pop culture.

Choreographer/Dancer: Ralph Escamillan

New Media Projection & Lights:

Chimerik 似不像

Sammy Chien – New Media Artist

Andie Lloyd – Assistant Designer, production assistant and operator for lights, sound and video.

Composer/ Sound design: Stefan Seslija

Dramaturge: Justine Chambers

Costumes: Sonja Maus

Set Design: Peter Boulanger

Interpretive Contributors: Kevin Fraser, Rachel Meyer, Sara Formosa, Ted Littlemore, Cassandra Naud

Voice Actor: Kirk Wilson

Music Credits:
Shirley Scott “Corcovado”
Elvis Presley “Devil In Disguise”
Marilyn Monroe “I wanna be loved by you”
Frank Sinatra “I’ve got you under my skin”
Michael Jackson “Don’t stop til you get enough”

FUNDING: Co-Produced by Push Festival (2018) and funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.




whip (2021)


‘whip’ is a 60 minute duet performed entirely in leather hoods, leaving performers blind for the duration of the performance. Inspired by the virtuosic head-whip motion found in a multitude of dance forms, the duality of the leather being both soft/hard are revealed through the work. Bodies explore images of consent through a range of physical touch, with the support of interactive new media light and originally composed sound design.

Artistic Direction/Choreography – Ralph Escamillan (FakeKnot)

Dancers – Daria Mikhaylyuk, Ralph Escamillan

Leather Hoods Five Left Leather (Lincoln Heller)

Costumes – Robyn J. Laxamana

Sound Stefan Nazarevich

Original New Media/Lighting by Chimerik 似不像 Collective

Motion Tracking System & New Media Design – Sammy Chien

Lighting Design Advisor/Mentor – Jonathan Kim

Lighting co-designer/operator and New Media assistant designer – Andie Lloyd

Dramaturge –  Su-Feh Lee and Josh Martin

Fabric Sponsor – Lululemon 

Photos – Marchel B. Eang

Video – David Cooper 

Trailer Edit – Daria Mikhaylyuk

Vancouver – 45 West, KW Studios, BLOOM (Mascall Dance), The Dance Centre “Dance Lab”

Montréal, Arts Interculturels – MAI (Co-Producer)
Canada Council for the Arts “Concept to Realization”
National Arts Center

BLUrm (2020)

Co-Created by Ralph Escamillan (FakeKnot) and Milton Lim

Directed/Produced/Choreographed Ralph Escamillan (FakeKnot)

Director of Photography David Cooper  

New Media Milton Lim

Sound Design Stefan Seslija 

Assistant Daria Mikhaylyuk

Performers Daria Mikhaylyuk, Elya Grant, Ralph Escamillan

Costume Linda Chow

Canada Council for the Arts – Digital Original 2020 
Premiered at the Festival Of Recorded Movement 2020

Nat King Cole “When Sunny Gets Blue”
Billie Holiday “Blue Moon” 
Elvis Presley “Blue Christmas”
Don Davis “The Matrix Reloaded”
Ray Charles “Am I Blue” 
Marty Robbins “Love Is Blue”


British Pathé “Clounds (1950)” or British Pathé “Shots of Clounds”

Handy (Jam) Organization “Consuming Women (Women as Consumers)” –

Shirley Temple “Oh ! My Goodness” Poor Little Rich Girl (1936) –

1950s – CAMEL CIGARETTE commercial – 

Lucio Tucci cocktail 1950s – It’s Martini

Funny Face (1957)

Mae West

Le Voyage Dans la Lun (A Trip to the Moon) by Georges Méliès (1902)

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

“Our Boys Are Home” – American Soldiers Returning Home (WW2 Footage, New York) 1945

The Nicholas Brothers’ tap dance scene from the movie “Stormy Weather” (1943)

Miles Davis – So What

Duke Ellington – Satin Doll

Mommi Dearest, Dynasty

30 Greatest WrestleMania Moments: WWE Top 10 Special Edition

Charlie’s Angels (through 2000 to 2003 films)

Youtube: BEST EXPLOSION caught on tape Collection

Clouds through a top floor window of Kalamazoo’s Masonic Temple.

50’s & 60’s Toy Gun Commercials

Opening (Trinity escapes) | The Matrix Reloaded

Am I Blue – Linda Ronstadt | Karaoke Version | KaraFun