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May 17, 2021
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June 1, 2021

Skwxwu7mesh Welcome

skwxwu7mesh Welcome Board

Image description: Photo of a wooden panel on which the Skwxwu7mesh Welcome is adhered in vinyl. The text is the Skwxwu7mesh Welcome (as written below) as well as a QR code for the Paddling and Greeting of the Day songs.

Skwxwu7mesh Welcome, Greeting of the Day Song, and Squamish Paddle Song graciously provided by Rebecca Duncan

U Siyam ta núyap 🙌🏽
Tsitsáyx̱emaat kwi en kw’shámin, Rebecca kwi en sna. Sḵwx̱wu7mesh chen tiná7 chan tl’a Eslha7án Uxwumixw.
Yew̓án ha7lh en sḵwálwen kwis tl’íḵnumutyap na7 ti Sḵwx̱wu7meshullh, Xwemétsḵwiyamullh iy Tselílwatullh X̱ay Temixwcht, Ḵ’emḵ’emel̓áy̓ kwi snas.
Chen kwenmántumi X̱ex̱a7éneḵ na is ti kwáyel ti sts’i7s, chen wilḵwtumi Chilh Siyam kwis estétiwilh ta nimelh, ns7eyx̱nitumulhaxw ta na wa i7x̱w éncha ch’it tl’a nímelh ta x̱lhan.
Ayás chap, men wa7 u chap wa tímitsut, ayás chap i7x̱w wa áynexw na7 ta x̱ay temíxw cht.
An esch’ech’ew̓át ta swa7ámcht. Chet kwenmántumiwit wa ta7ltumulhap ta snewíyalhcht ta ha7lh stélmexw ḵwelh tiná7 cht. Men wá7u chet melh ta ha7lh ts’its’áp.

Welcome all of you,
Tsitsáyx̱emaat is my ancestral name, Rebecca is my name. I am Squamish from the village of Eslha7an.
Great feelings in my heart that you all have arrived to our sacred territory of the Squamish, Musqueam and the Tselílwatulh peoples called Vancouver ~ the place of many Maple trees.
I am grateful to you Creator for this beautiful day, I ask you High Spirit to protect us, guide us in this sickness (pandemic) that surrounds us.
To you all, continue to do your best with peace to you all, you all have peace for everything that has life on our sacred lands.
Our ancestors were so smart. We are grateful to all of them for teaching us that we come from good people. We must then continue the good work.

Skwxwu7mesh Welcome

Greeting of the Day Song

Squamish Paddle Song