This workshop is co-presented by New Works, The Dance Centre and Future Leisure. And supported by All Bodies Dance Project.

Share Dance In Practice 2024/25

Towards Inclusive Dance Teaching
with Erin Ball & Maxime Beauregard

Sunday, July 28 | 12pm - 3pm
Scotiabank Dance Centre

This 3 hour teacher training workshop is for movement facilitators who want to work towards centering access and understand how to break down some of the inherent ableism in dance and movement-based practices. Through lecture, discussions, practical explorations, and resources, participants will expand their capacity to create a more welcoming class experience.

About the Facilitators:

Erin Ball (ze/zir) and Maxime Beauregard (they/them) are circus artists who push boundaries in the world of performance and art. As white, Queer, Neuro Non-Conforming (Neurodivergent), and Disabled individuals, they bring valuable perspectives to their creative endeavours.

Both Erin and Maxime work as performers, coaches, choreographers, producers, accessibility consultants, and workshop facilitators. They are passionate advocates for Disability-led art and accessibility, striving to create more welcoming spaces and representation. They are the creators of an international course on Accessibility/Disability in Movement Practices.

Erin and Maxime travel internationally to share their knowledge, teach workshops, and captivate audiences with their performances. Their work strives to reach as many people as possible, bringing diverse perspectives and innovative artistry to the global stage.

Erin identifies as agender, Mad (from the Mad Pride movement), double below knee amputee, and AuDHD (autistic and ADHD). Maxime identifies as a joyful autistic+ trans non-binary dancer who experiences chronic pain and tics.

Access notes: 

The course will be in English. Slides, videos and any visual material will be described. Key points that are not in the slides will be written on a whiteboard. We are hoping to have auto-generated Zoom captions. We unfortunately are not offering ASL interpretation for this workshop.

Some stim items will be available, as will generic ear plugs, sunglasses, and more. Stimming, movement, and making noise is welcome. Everything is optional. Please participate in a way that works for you. We will have formal breaks and you can take a break whenever you need/want.

Scotiabank Dance Centre is a wheelchair accessible and scent reduced venue. Gender Neutral washrooms are located on 6th and 7th floor.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility please send an email to

Image descriptions:
Top photo: two side-by-side headshot photos of Erin and Maxime, two white queer Disabled humans. Maxime's photo is by Shannon Smith of Soulnnection.

Thumbnail photo: Onstage with low lighting, two white Disabled performers are in the air, on a suspended aerial hoop the size of an adult hula hoop at an average standing head height above the floor. Inside the hoop, Maxime sits side-profile, one leg up, leaning back into the curve of the hoop. Their arms hang straight down and holding onto them is Erin, a double below knee amputee. Erin is suspended, wearing no prosthetic legs, back arched like a crescent moon, and legs split apart. The two artists are smiling happily, celebrating their Queer Disabled Love. Jay Middaugh

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