Presented with Vancouver New Music

OSMOSi: 422 Unprocessable Entity

Nancy Lee
April 4 + 5, 2024 | 8pm
ANNEX (823 Seymour Street, Vancouver BC)
Both performances will be followed by a Post-show Talkback with Nancy Lee. 


Step into the world of OSMOSi: 422 Unprocessable Entity where a delivery app subroutine slowly develops consciousness after a corrupted update. Newly sentient, the performer discovers that the app is shutting down, and must mount a desperate bid for escape.

This interdisciplinary work weaves together movement, projection, spatial sound composition and interactive costuming to build an immersive world where the ground is constantly shifting beneath your feet. Reflecting on the religion of workism and precarity of gig economy labour, we are confronted by the everyday within the unexpected, swirling landscape of OSMOSi: 422 Unprocessable Entity.

Find the full transcript text of the performance HERE


 About the Artist

Nancy Lee 李南屏 is a Taiwanese-Canadian interdisciplinary media artist and cultural producer. In 2017, they directed VR dance film "Tidal Traces" in collaboration with Emmalena Fredriksson under the auspices of the National Film Board of Canada, marking the inception of their foray into XR. The following year, during their artist residency at Western Front with Kiran Bhumber, Nancy co-created "Telepresence," a 8.2-channel live VR performance. Their interdisciplinary works have resonated on the global stage, with presentations at festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, SXSW, MUTEK, Berlin International Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, and Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Beyond their artistic endeavors, they have become a catalyst for change in the industry.

Nancy's commitment to fostering community is evident in their roles as an XR instructor at IM4 Media Lab, an artistic mentor at Festival of Recorded Movement, and as a co-founder of Chapel Sound Art Foundation and CURRENT. These initiatives aim to uplift and amplify the voices of underrepresented artists, showcasing their dedication to creating a more equitable artistic ecosystem. As a Sundance Institute Alumni and an artist-in-residence at the Society of Arts and Technology, Nancy's collaboration with Kiran Bhumber on the speculative sci-fi exhibition "UNION" shifted their focus towards narrative storytelling. Technically, the project explored 3D scanning/printing, XR, and multi-channel A/V dome theatre performance. In their latest endeavors, Nancy has shifted their focus towards performing dance, writing, and a documentary project titled "Woven Memory" alongside Soledad Munoz. / @whichnancy




Produced, Directed & Written by: Nancy Lee 李南屏

Choreography: Nancy Lee 李南屏 + Emmalena Fredriksson

Performance: Nancy Lee 李南屏, Simran Sachar, and Sophia Mai Wolfe

Electroacoustic Composition: Nancy Lee 李南屏 + Aleksandar Zecevic

Sound Design + Interactive System: Aleksandar Zecevic

Voice over + Vocals: Nancy Lee 李南屏

Guzheng: Kayla Briët

Interactive System Consultant: / Ove Holmqvist 

Costume Design: Adam-Lin Bungag

Jewelry Design: Ian Nakamoto

Dramaturg: Emmalena Fredriksson

Artistic Consultant: Pia Yona Massie

Projection + Motion Graphic Design: Laine Butler

Lighting System Designer: Hadis Fard

Illustrations: Eve Lee

Video editing: Nancy Lee 李南屏

Production & Stage Manager: Jessica Han

Movement Research: Sarah Hutton, Josh Cameron, Calder White, and Juolin Lee

Rehearsal Direction: Sarah Hutton

Poster Photography: Zuleyma Prado

Technical / Production Manager: Nico Dicecco (New Works)

Artists Bios

Photos: Top and bottom by Alger Ji-Liang. Middle photo by Zuleyma Prado