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Break Dance, also called breaking or b-boying/b-girling is an athletic style of street dance. Break Dance consists of four different elements: top rock, footwork, power Trix, power move which develops different parts of body muscles. But breakdancing is now not only a famous hip-hop dance style, it is a sport. And not just any sport, it’s an Olympic sport – following a bold decision by the International Olympic Committee to have BBoys and BGirls compete at the 2024 Paris Games.

About Thaiyo Seo
B-boy Thaiyo is a world-famous b-boy hailing from South Korea. His crew, “Last For One”, came from a small town outside of Seoul, and made a big splash in the mid 2000’s. Most notably, winning the International Battle of the Year 2005 in Germany. Thaiyo’s crew was highlighted in the feature film “Planet B-boy”, that followed the story of each crew that went to Battle of the Year 2005. Thaiyo’s style is based off of his belief that a well-rounded b-boy is a good b-boy. He combines style, power, and foundation to create his dance, and passes it on to his students with great enthusiasm.


A movement exploration class where participants can discover and play with their range of emotions! Come and explore your fullest expression so you can keep enjoying the nuances of the up and down days! 

**Classes can be delivered in English, Spanish or Spanglish if required. 

About Marco Esccer
Marco Esccer is a Mexican queer artist, performer, creator and educator, and has a diverse background from the technical to the therapeutic aspect of dance. He received his Bachelor in Ballet by the National Ballet and Contemporary School of Mexico City (2011-2016), followed by certifications in Research, experimentation and artistic production (2015-2016), Dance Movement Therapy (2016), Certified Yoga Instructor (2021), Progressive Ballet Technique Instructor (2022), and Mental Application: mind-body connection (2019-2022). With a profound interest in creating spaces for awareness of motion, feelings and thoughts, he believes in Art & Movement as a human enhancing method to be more connected with creativity and in synergic communication and respect with others and the environment; and he creates art to open bridges of compassion and understanding finding the common threads between cultures into humanity.


Class description coming soon.

About Jhoely Triana
Jhoely Triana is a Colombian-Canadian flamenco dance artist here in Vancouver. She graduated from SFU School of Contemporary Arts and has practiced Flamenco for the past 15 years. Her teaching style is about exploring emotions, energy and rhythm through flamenco movements. She focuses on movements of the arms and hands, making rhythms with the feet, clapping along to keep the beat, and calling out “Olé” to have fun.


Join Harmanie for a class where everybody can dance. Together we will move and play using stories and props to embrace everyone’s unique abilities: from the smallest small to the biggest BIG.

This class is beginner-friendly and is geared toward age groups 3 to 5, 6 to 9, and 10+. All abilities are welcome.

About Harmanie Rose
Harmanie Rose (she/her) – I believe there’s magic in moving together, whether the movement is choreographed or you move in a way that feels good to you. All movement creates beautiful dancing. I enjoy the diversity of facilitating all levels and abilities. As a dancer I have danced in nature, onstage, and in several short dance films. As a dance teacher, I have taught people with and without disabilities online, all across Canada with the National Access Art Centre (AB), Propeller Dance (ON), and Embrace Arts (BC). You can also find me facilitating the Ready Dance Youth Project (BC) with All Bodies Dance Project.


Class description coming soon.

About Nyla Carpentier
Nyla Carpentier (Tahltan, Kaska, French, Scottish) is a multifaceted performing artist currently residing in North Vancouver. She’s an actor, writer, powwow dancer and workshop facilitator. Nyla started to dance at powwows when she was a tiny tot and now has over 35 years of experience. She shares her experience by teaching the various powwow styles with focus on the fancy shawl, sharing the dance steps and the history. In 2011, in partnership with Raven Spirit Dance Company, she started the popular Powwow Bootcamp series.


This class focuses on the street dance style tutting/finger tutting. Tutting style is inspired by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and emphasizes the body’s ability to create geometric angles, lines and shapes. Semi 90 degree angles and boxes are the most common examples. The main focus is on arms, wrists and hands. The sub style finger tutting is essentially tutting on a smaller scale, focusing on the digits and joints in the hands.

Tutting can be done whether you prefer using your whole body or sitting down, everybody is welcomed!

About Kevin Li
Best known for his hand choreography work on the American fantasy TV series The Magicians, dance artist Kevin “Shazam” Li started dancing after moving from Hong Kong to Vancouver in 2009. He began his training with SOULdiers, a street dance training company and went on to focus on tutting and flow arts afterwards. He practiced with the Vancouver circus community, where he explored prop and tutting hybrid dance and, in 2014, joined Modus Operandi, a Vancouver based contemporary dance training program. Kevin is interested in all kinds of dance and art, he is especially interested in how different forms and cultures intersect. He would like to continue exploring and bridging different forms, cultures and their communities.