NWXR 2021-22

The inaugural season of XR provided catered support for dance makers working with or in early stages of exploring creation involving technologies that fell under the umbrella of XR. Operating as a case-study model, two participating artists worked with the XR Pilot team to develop a structured working plan and identify key resource needs to support their goals and objectives for their XR projects in the form of: workshops for skill development, mentorship with senior artists, connecting with technologists and coders, and XR resource sharing. The 2021 work-in-progress sharing was held online and in-person at Progress Lab.

Through this year’s pilot program, New Works was able to additionally support a small group of artists as an audience in residence. Together with Eric and Kevin, New Works was able to sponsor everyone’s attendance to the PXR Symposium held by Electric Theatre Company and A Single Thread. In addition to this, we were able to support the artists with feedback opportunities at critical moments in their development.

As part of the pilot season, New Works partnered with Dance West Network to offer the XR Conversation Series on December 11, 2021. Featuring virtual conversations with artists Eric Cheung and Kevin Li, and mentors Ian Garrett and Jacob Niedzweicki; and in-person sharings with Eric and Kevin of their works-in-progress, the XR Conversation Series was our first day-long XR showcase.

Highlights included:

  • Participants engaged in conversations with the artists and mentors around integrating and exploring technology in dance and/or art practices
  • Participants had the opportunity to experience Eric and Kevin’s work in-person, in VR headsets
  • Kevin shared an Insta360 camera set-up and participants were invited to move around with the camere and experienced the 360 footage live
  • Eric shared his work in VR headset and participants were invited to try on the headset and walk around in virtual space

Thank you to our extended community for attending the XR Conversation Series and supporting the 2021 XR Pilot!

Eric Cheung - XR Artist
Kevin Li - XR Artist

Erika Mitsuhashi - XR Program Director
Sierra Megas - XR Program Manager

Ian Garrett, Toaster Lab - XR Mentor
Jacob Niedzweicki - XR Mentor

Funding Support

British Columbia Arts Council / Project Assistance: Pivot Program
Canada Council for the Arts