New Works

New Works is a long-standing artist support and presentation organization dedicated to developing communities through art engagement.

Banner image for Past Echoes in the Past, May 24th to May 31st, 2021.
Image description: A photo of a person waist down against a dark background. They are wearing dark green pants with three white stripes running down the side. They have one foot lifted while putting on a pair of black socks. To their left is a pile of clothing. To their right in white capitalized text reads “Past Echoes in the Present” and right under, in bold blue text reads “May 24-31 2021,”.
Image of Marissa Wong’s solo, ‘Departure’, photo by Belen Garcia
COMING SOON: New Works presents Past Echoes in the Present, a multi-disciplinary online and open-air exhibition that is accessible and interactive. The low-barrier cultural experience is in honour of Asian Heritage Month in Canada and features works by: Crossmaneuver, Erika Mitsuhashi, FakeKnot, Immigrant Lessons, Joshua Ongcol, Kevin “Shazam” Li, Ne. Sans opera and dance, Sarah Wong, and TWObigsteps Collective.


New Works is a long-standing artist support and presentation organization dedicated to developing communities through art engagement.
New Works is an organization devoted to presenting dance practices that reflect and represent our evolving communities. We continually work to remove barriers that inhibit artists and audiences alike. All of New Works’ programs, services, and activities aim to be inclusive, accessible, and celebrate diversity. All of our presentations, workshops, and outreach activities are offered free, Pay What You Can Afford, or at subsidized rates. We ensure all venues used are wheelchair accessible and easy to access by public transportation.
We work with artists and companies to program presentations that reflect and represent the diversity of our communities here in Vancouver, and to ensure they are inclusive of age, ability, gender, language, and sexual orientation. We curate our seasons with an eye to serving communities not typically represented in formal, expensive, and traditional settings.
We support artists by fostering and providing presentation opportunities at various stages in their careers, and at the same time, finding meaningful ways to connect artists and audiences, through workshops, outreach and conversation.

I came to the Kathara performance on Granville Island this past Sunday. It was so wonderful and I love the presentations series that you’re creating–diverse and accessible!”

Summer Dance Series Audience member

It was very entertaining and I learned a lot about the significance of the Hoop Dance in Cree culture and how it can relate to other cultures. There was also a talk back at the end of the show which I found very enlightening as well

Hip Hop Hoop Dance Audience member

Tonight’s event was amazing(period) It was a very warm, real, authentic and fun experience. I really enjoyed the company of everyone especially the instructors who gave it their best. I hope we can have more of these kind of events that provide a warm and fun atmosphere

Summer Dance Series: Danza Descalza Workshop Participants