Share Dance Program

New Works’ mission is to be an innovative platform that supports artists, cultivates audiences, and provides diverse and accessible performance experiences for varied communities in and around Vancouver.



The Share Dance Outreach Initiative brings professional dance artists into inner city elementary schools in Vancouver for in-school workshops during the school day, as well as out-of-school workshops during after-school programs. New Works runs these workshops at no cost to the schools or after-school care programs, which typically have little or no budget for artistic programming. The artists we are working with are able to offer many styles of dance, depending on what the kids and youth most want, including:

  • Contemporary Indigenous (e.g. Olivia C. Davies)

  • Hip-Hop (e.g. Thaiyo Seo)

  • Circus Acrobatics (e.g. Julianne Chapple)

  • Dances from Africa (e.g Jacky Essombe)

  • Latin Dances (e.g Gustavo Ferman).

Share Dance provides opportunity for social and cultural recognition and reflection by utilizing dance as a means of communication that transcends language. As a result, the program is uniquely inclusive for newcomers, and people with learning, mental health, cognitive and physical challenges. 

Over the course of the past year Share Dance expanded by including new partnerships with organizations in the Downtown Eastside that serve children and youth not served by traditional school systems due to housing instability, immigration issues, and other complex and systemic barriers.

Covid-19 Update:

New Works is working hard with the artist team leaders to fashion effective new modes of delivery to ensure the safe delivery of Share Dance starting this fall. Pre-tapped and online workshops will form the bulk of the standby online resources.

Contact Us: 

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to propose a workshop, please contact Sindy Angel, our Share Dance Coordinator at

Share Dance is made possible by the generous support of the Metro Vancouver Cultural Grants, BC Arts Council Youth Engagement Program.


Feedback from Students and Workshop Leaders

Students are learning how to adapt to learning with different adults, I different circumstances. Students were able to see their own cultural practices reflected back to them, and were able to enrich their understanding of their community. {…} New Works was able to adapt and meet our classes needs! This program is fantastic and our kids benefit greatly from it.

Judah Kong – Lord Strathcona Teacher

“Arts open a door for a different way of expression, different ways to learn and give different lens to live and see the world. Arts are not a luxury, they are a way to see and understand the world”

Erika Sáenz – Contemporary Mexican Workshop Leader

I love all of it! It was so exciting and informative! I learned so much and had such a good time!

Students from Tupper Secondary (dances from Africa class)

It was fun being able to do cool things that was based on a lot of trust

Students from Tupper Secondary (acro circus class)