New Works XR 2023/24

NWXR 2023-24 was a Community Building year. This season saw New Works focus resources on supporting the wider ecology of artists and audiences engaged at the intersection of dance and XR technologies. We recognize that artists need more than space and funds to investigate their craft; NWXR looks to support education of audiences, cross-pollination of practices, and the fostering of critical conversation. 

This season offered an opportunity to connect through workshops, peer-to-peer work sessions, open studio time, panel discussions and more...

Past events

Chimerik’s Virtual Live Art Database Launch Party

Produced in partnership with New Works

Saturday, May 4 - 3pm-6pm | Q7 Studios, 77 E 7th Ave 


Curious about how you can use technology in your own projects but don’t know where to start? This is the perfect place! We are excited to share our research through a compiled living database resource that highlights different softwares, online tools and creative pipelines. Chimerik’s Virtual Live Art Database cultivates a space to learn, grow and network.

You are invited to an afternoon of community dialogue and a guided walk-through of Chimerik’s newly developed Virtual Live Art database. Gather over light snacks and refreshments, and ponder new possibilities for new media technology within a live performance framework

The idea for the Virtual Live Art Database was born at the height of the pandemic, when the live arts sector was challenged with having to shift from a physical stage to a virtual stage, from presenting in person to entirely online. We are thrilled to share what we have learnt thus far with the community and hope we can reflect together on how we can continue to integrate these learnings into the future.

Community Partners:

New Works, Third Space Arts Collective, Active / Passive Performance Society, SummerWorks, Shooting Gallery Performance Series/Future Leisure, interplay_, the PXR Conference, Visceral Visions/CulturalBrew.Art Cinevolution, 5 X Festival/incrowd


We would like to acknowledge the support of this project from Canada Council for the Arts and BC Arts Council.

NWXR Short Circuit Series  

March 15-17

Short Circuit Series is a weekend long series of community offerings; from workshops, to discussions and a soiree, New Works invites you to participate in these free events. 

Short Circuit Series 


About the initiative
At Chimerik 似不像, we’ve long observed a gap in the integration of digital technology with live-performance art. It's a struggle many artists encounter, navigating necessary softwares without adequate resources or support, which only further perpetuates the inaccessibility of New Media arts. This is why we developed the Virtual Live Art database, to make technology more accessible to our artistic community. By spotlighting artists and their innovative contributions, we're fostering collaboration and community spirit, focusing on the collective rather than the individual.


Friday, March 15 - 7pm-9pm | Q7 Studios - Studio A

Opening Short Circuit Series with a soiree and community mixer!

7 - 7:30pm -  Join us for an artist HYPER-LINK! A speed dating style event where you can meet fellow XR artists, start conversations, and get to know one another. 

7:30 - 9pm - Short Circuit Series Soiree - a mixer for us to kick of the start of the series. Featuring music, refreshments* and an XR installation by Simran Sachar!

Interfacing with Experts Panel 

Freya Björg Olafson, Caroline MacCaull, prOphecy sun, and Nancy Lee

Sunday, March 17 - 11am-12pm | Q7 Studios - Studio B

Join us for a panel conversation moderated by Erika Mitsuhashi, with artists who are trailblazing the ways we think about movement and XR technology. Light refreshments will be provided.

Workshop | Choreography with AR dance technology - Sarah U

Saturday, April 13 - 3pm-4:30pm | Q7 Studios - Studio A 


This workshop was originally planned for March 16 as part of the XR Short Circuit Series. It has now been rescheduled to April 13. 

During this workshop, participants will gain insights into the fusion of choreography and AR as Sarah guides them through her two distinct 3D models. 

About the Workshop
Introducing Augmented Reality through the lens of choreography, Sarah will share her AR project which explores themes of evolution and the adaptive capacities of the human body, through a web-based application that utilizes real-time full body-tracking technology. During this workshop, participants will gain insights into the fusion of choreography and AR as Sarah guides them through her two distinct 3D models. Each model is designed with customized data, offering a unique interpretation of movement. Participants will learn best practices and engage with these virtual counterparts, expanding their understanding of the creative possibilities within this innovative realm. The experience continues with a group choreography exercise, where participants will collaboratively craft short sequences of "dances" inspired, revolving around (or not) the use of AR technology. This interactive session encourages exploration of various perspectives, orientations, movement patterns, and spatial relationships, ultimately optimizing the visual and kinesthetic impact of the body in motion on the screen and in real life. Workshop will end with a discussion and sharing on what dance in the future looks like.
Participant requirements: smart phone/iPhone (not older than Iphone 4) with a functional camera, Notebook. AR experience is accessed by a QR code; no preparation or download needed.

Motion Capture Workshop with danielle Mackenzie Long

Sunday, March 17 - 2pm-4:15pm | Q7 Studios - Studio B

We will discover and practice one strategy of how to create the opportunity for our physical movement to live beyond ourselves.

About the Workshop
Together we will move through space, learn to run a short motion capture using only a phone, and work through the process of applying this data to a non-human character in the animation software Blender. We will make structures that lack human resemblance take on our movement and inhabit our pathways. At the end we may see curtains, rib cages, or springs dancing our dances. This is a space to try something new for the first time, to use new technology we may never have touched, and be okay with failing and asking many questions. Knowledge in conducting motion capture, animation or use of Blender is not required.
Participant requirements: Charged Iphone, charged laptop with Blender installed (only if interested in following along with Blender portion of the workshop). // Accessibility requirements: To practice community care, mask wearing is highly recommended for this workshop.

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