New Works XR

New Works XR (NWXR) supports new voices in the development of creative technologies and embodied practice. XR (extended reality) is an umbrella term encompassing augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality technologies. First developed in 2021 between New Works, dance artist Erika Mitsuhashi, and a team of consulting artists and technologists, the program was envisioned as a process-focused space to explore, learn, and expand individual practices on and off screen.

New Works is humbled to engage new voices each season to lead and coordinate unique, cutting edge programming in close partnership with community partners and mentors. In the shifting landscape of new technologies and practices, the program remains curious, investigative, and artist-led.

NWXR 2023-24 

New Works XR activities are usually focused between January and May of each season. Led by a collaborative team of artists, the XR team is excited to announce the 2023-24 suite of workshops, labs, and community activations very soon!


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NWXR Short Circuit Series  

March 15-17

Short Circuit Series is a weekend long series of community offerings; from workshops, to discussions and a soiree, New Works invites you to participate in these free events. 

Save the dates! More info and registration available soon. 


Two Year Cycle

2023-24 marks the first of an annual two year programming cycle which will see New Works sustainably balance XR resources between community building and direct artist support.

NWXR 2023-24 will be a Community Building year. This season will see New Works focus resources on supporting the wider ecology of artists and audiences engaged at the intersection of dance and XR technologies. We recognize that artists need more than space and funds to investigate their craft; NWXR looks to support education of audiences, cross-pollination of practices, and the fostering of critical conversation. 

Watch below as workshops, peer-to-peer work sessions, open studio time, and more are announced throughout the season!

We are working towards NWXR 2024-25 as an Artist in Residence year. This season will provide direct support for dance makers and embodied practitioners in the early stages of creation involving technologies that fall under the umbrella of XR. Following an application process, selected artists will enter a developmental residency with access to skills building workshops, mentorship with senior artists, consultation with technologists, access to gear and studio space, and XR resource sharing.


Past Seasons


Top Photo: Carla Alcántara.